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WARMET is active in the CNC machined parts business since more than 20 years. As many firms in Poland in the early 90’, we also started production from a small workshop with couple conventional mills and lathes. We produced parts for automotive market (to former FSO in Warsaw, bought few years later by Daewoo) and to mining industry.  As one of the first companies in our region we invested in first CNC lathe, which have opened a new chapter in the company and allowed to apply for new , more complicated and precise production projects.

In 2006 production has been moved to a brand new facility, which has opened another chapter of our company and allowed for further development. WARMET consequently invests in new machines in order to maximize effectiveness, offer shorter lead times and higher productivity.

Today we have a dozen of CNC machines, many years of experience in precision parts manufacturing as well as in cooperation with large companies, leaders in their industry and our passion for the CNC machining business and is constantly growing.  


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