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WARMET is a producer of high precision machined parts. Our core competencies are turning and milling on CNC machines.

WARMET produces parts based on customers's drawings and requirements. 

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WARMET manufactures precision metal parts which are applied in heat pumps, refrigeration devices, air conditioning and hydraulics, where precise flow control is crucial. The most common raw material types used at production are brass, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum. On request metal parts which are applied in pressure devices are manufactured according to PED 97/23/EC.

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For the automotive sector WARMET manufactures metal parts applied in air conditioning anti-vibration systems.

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High mix/low volume production series  and high precision parts made of stainless steel and aluminium. Parts mostly requiring milling and turning and accurate tolerances.

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WARMET is a supplier for agricultural machines manufacturers, railway industry and industrial automation. Parts produced by our company are also used in overmoulding.

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