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WARMET is a manufacturing supplier of metal parts produced on CNC machines in milling and turning technology.  


Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified by TÜV.


Warmet production is based on client’s drawings and technical requirements which in most cases includes additional surface requirements, coating, painting parts, etc. Thanks to wide range of machine types we are capable of choosing the most optimal production method.  Depending on the degree of complexity of the part and required tolerances, production technology is designed to achieve the best possible cost efficiency ratio:

  1. Parts requiring only turning are produced on 3-axis lathes

    1. <Φ 50mm from bar

  2. Advanced, complex parts or medium series of parts, requiring machining on both sides are produced on turn-mill center with double spindle and double turret with 12 driven tool each.

    1. up to Φ 65mm from bar, Φ<200mm from forgings

  3. Small parts (Φ<25mm) starting from medium series are produced on swiss type lathes.

    1. machines are equipped with axial and radial driven tools, bar loaders and subspindles, which allows to produce parts with hiqh requirements regarding both tolerances and surface finish with no additional operations needed on other machines, which reduces total time and errors resulting from additional clampings.

    2. High pressure pumps allow for deep drilling or machining in highly demanding grades of stainless steels, where chip control becomes crucial for tool life and parts’ quality.

  4. Parts required only milling are produced on 4-axis mill center with high pressure unit, most common parts:

    1. aluminum block for hydraulic valves

    2. range of table – 800x500x620 mm (xyz)

  5. In-house tooling

    1. In order to meet client expectations in terms of production set up costs as well as production time optimization WARMET is capable to produce its own tools and jigs. We have several conventional machines, as well as EDM machines and grinders.


WARMET is producing metal parts in following grades:

  1. Brass

  2. Bronze

  3. Copper

  4. Aluminum

  5. Steel

  6. Stainless steels

  7. Duplex, super duplex steels


If parts requires additional operations like coatings (besides most common types, we do have trusted partners for coatings like TEFLON ®) or heat treatment.


Above all WARMET is offering short lead times and, if needed, is keeping safety stocks, ready to be shipped within few hours.  We are always eager to deal with non-standard challenges and prototyping.


Thanks to over 20 years presence on the market and experience gained together with our clients and business partners we do have an extensive know-how and subsuppliers base capable of providing non-standard services.


New parts introduced to production for our clients always go through PPAP process, Control Plans are designed for each part number as well as other required documentation and procedures.  


Parts machined by WARMET are mostly in 7th tolerance class and with roughness up to 9th class (Ra<0,32 and Rz<1,6)


Production at WARMET is based on ISO 9001:2008 quality management system . All of the part numbers produced have designed and applied quality procedures. In order to assure stable and smooth production process, as well as quality of parts,  we use many measuring devices from Zeiss, Mitutoyo or Tesa and Keyence.


First and foremost. WARMET is a flexible production company. Whether we produce high volume series,  prototypes or high mix/low volume we always strive to meet expectations of the customer, not only from production point of view, but also by being communicative and providing fast responses.  Our priority is constant development and long term relationship based on mutual trust.  Our lead times start from 1 week and for part numbers with safety stocks it just 1-2 days.


We are deeply convinced that Poland is a great country for developing CNC machining business. Thanks to its competitive advantages like well-educated and experienced staff through cost advantages to geographical location we are passionate about building long term business relationship with companies across Europe.

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